20W Fiber Marking Machine Laser Engraving

20W Fiber Marking Machine Laser Engraving adopts new appearance design, equipped with quality metal shell to increase the working precision and safety performance.The upgraded version of the machine has been widely praised by European customers.

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New Design 20W fiber marking machine laser engraving for advertising 


20W Fiber Marking Machine Laser Engraving adopts new appearance design, equipped with quality metal shell to increase the working precision and safety performance.The upgraded version of the machine has been widely praised by European customers. It is widely used in the advertising industry, metal parts processing industry, stationery manufacturing industry, etc.


Pulsed Fiber Lasers are known for their versatility with laser marking being one of the most popular applications. Although this type of 20W Fiber Marking Machine Laser Engraving is similar to laser engraving, the appliance of a mark is at a surface level, whereas engraving is a mark with depth. Laser marking is the process where a material is marked or labelled with a simple black mark, or in colour (depending upon the material). These material can be anything from ceramics, plastics, metals, LEDs, rubber, graphic composites, etc.

Machine discription

1.Control platform

Humanized control system, new USB dust plug settings, control system is easy to learn, can be used offline

2.Beijing famous galvanometer

Using the graphics software of the computer to process the graphics, it has the features of high efficiency, no distortion, etc. Greatly improve the quality and speed of laser marking.

3.Raycus  brand laser generator

No light leakage when the laser is turned off, metal and non-metal materials have narrow marking light pulses, high peak power, wide repetition frequency range

4.Genuine Ming Wei power supply

Output T- 50B 5V5A 12V1A-12V1A high efficiency, low operating temperature

5.JCZ laser marking board card

Mainly used in galvanometric laser marking system, hardware processing data, high speed and accuracy; support high speed and high precision flying mark function

6.High quality pedals

Unique structure design, high quality pedals, easy operation, high work efficiency, high quality humanized design

7.Adjust the focal length up and down

Rocker up and down can be up and down 50cm, item height can be placed up to 33cm

8.Safety socket

Unique structural design, accurate plugging and unmating: Cylindrical plugs and flat plugs have special plugs to ensure current stability

9.Industrial computer

High-performance industrial computer ensures 24-hour stable operation


Configuration :

1>Fiber laser source : Raycus brand(Best in China ) 

2>Control system: China PC control system(with computer)

3>Software: Beijing JCZ EZCAD board card

4>Working area :110*110mm ( option: 200*200mm)

5>Aluminum alloy working table

6>With rotary system to process cylindrical product

7>Cooling system :Air cooling system

8>Laser processing device: high quality galvanometer and field lens

9> Laser Module Life:>100000 hours

10>  Support all language English interface

11>Use of the Environment:Clean and Dust Free or Dust less


1. Longtime durable :

Marks using this technique tend to be much more durable than through other methods. 

2.Lower use of consumables

The process is non-contact and uses a much lower number of consumables. 

3. High precision

Marks can be 100% accurately added in large batches, through a process which is highly repeatable.

4. Efficient

It takes lower time to process than traditional laser engraving machine.

5.Laser marking is a safe process

The process is a highly safe one, both for workers who operate it, as well as the final products that are created and delivered to consumers. For example, markings may be made onto dental equipment which must enter patient’s mouths, so the markings need to be completely safe.

6.Environmentally friendly

Fiber Marking Machine Laser Engraving is an environmentally friendly  machine. This is because it doesn’t use chemicals or inks found in many of the more traditional marking methods. Lasers, particularly fiber lasers, also use much less electrical energy than other types of marking.

7.Works with a range of shapes and sizes

As well as being apt at working with a range of materials, laser marking is also perfect at operating with a range of object shapes and sizes too. This may be large and simple objects, or it could be small and complex ones.

Marking Product Sample:





Shipping and delivery


We cooerate with several shipping company help us send the machine to your side in safty and fast speed , but if you have youe own agent in China , we also accept.


If you have stock , the delivery time can be fast as 2-3 days ;

If you don't have stock , it will take 7-10 days to allow factory manufacture the machine.

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