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Laser Engraving Machine Precautions
- Mar 08, 2018 -

1, the use of automatic focal length, we should pay attention to automatic measurement of the Coke bar must be fastened, otherwise the work table will be top to the laser.
2, laser engraving machine in the work, prohibit the boot cover.
3. When processing, turn on the smoke, smoke blowing equipment.
4, processing wood, paper, must pay attention to the processing speed lest fire.
5, the initial user of irregular processing first red light positioning.
6, the processing of thin wood, volatile materials, to adjust the change in the range of water products less than 1mm.
7, to carry out cutting processing, to use the workpiece frame from the worktable more than 2 centimeters.
8, reflective lenses and focal length of the lens cleaning: two fingers pinch reflective lenses, the other hand-held camera lens clean paper cleaning lens.
9, usually carved vector files, resolution should be used higher, carving point of the file, resolution should choose a little lower.

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