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What Principles Should Be Followed For Choosing A Laser Marking Machine?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Laser marking machine technology has many valuable characteristics, but, specific to a product is suitable for the use of this technology, should follow the following principles:
1, with the existing other processing methods can be resolved, but if the use of laser processing method can greatly improve product quality, improve the production efficiency of laser marking machine and significantly increase economic and social benefits;
2, should pay attention to the laser processing and the conventional processing compound processing technology application, in order to make full use of their strengths.
3, to fully consider the processing process and laser processing related to those matching links;
4, in the practical application, if the economy is not tense, it is recommended to buy imported configuration, because some of the domestic technology is not up to the requirements of foreign configuration of the machine performance is stable, less after-sale maintenance, greatly enhance the wage efficiency.

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