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Safety To Be Paid Attention To In Operation Plasma Cutting Machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

(1) operators must wear protective masks, welding gloves, hats, filter mask dust masks and acoustic enclosures, do not wear protective mirrors of the personnel are strictly prohibited to observe the plasma arc, bare skin is strictly prohibited close to plasma arc.
(2) Cutting, when the load voltage is too high, should check the electrical grounding, zero and cut torch hand insulation, should be the workbench and the ground insulation, or in the electrical control system installed no-load circuit breaker.
(3) When cutting, the operator should stand at the upwind of the operation, from the lower part of the table ventilation, and appropriate to reduce the open area of the operating table.
(4) High-frequency generator should be equipped with shielding shield, with High-frequency arc, should immediately cut off high-frequency circuit.
(5) The use of the site, should be equipped with rain, moisture, sunscreen, and should install the corresponding fire fighting equipment.
(6) High altitude cutting, must fasten the safety belt, cuts around and below should take the fire prevention measure, and should have the special person guardianship.
(7) The cutting operation and the coordination personnel must wear the Labor protective articles according to the stipulation, and must take prevents the electric shock, the height falls, the gas poisoning and the fire and so on accident safety measures.

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