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Applicable Industry Of CNC ROUTER
- Mar 30, 2018 -

               Applicable Industry of CNC ROUTER

1> Advertising industry 

it can engrave all kinds of signage,trademark,nameplates,badge,decorative

gift,embossed medal,certificate, souvenir ,photo frame, arts and crafts 

2>  Furniture Industry

 Apply for wooden door, panel furniture , kitchen equipment , solid door ,composite door,cupboard door, decoration ,cupboard door, folding screen 

3> Soft metal processing

Cnc Router can engraving aluminum , brass , Iron , train car and aircraft interior decoration,

bronze medal,copper mold also other soft metal  

4>Electronics industry


Wood cnc Router can engrave electronic component,integrated circuit,electronic plastic

case,electronic product model,circuit board,electronic Light box,computer 

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