Fiber Laser Color Marking

Fiber Laser Color Marking

MOPA fiber laser color marking machine is a high-tech product integrating laser, computer, automatic control and precision mechanical technology.

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Product Details

MOPA fiber laser color marking with JPT laser source


MOPA fiber laser color marking machine is a high-tech product integrating laser, computer, automatic control and precision mechanical technology. It adopts integrated all-in-one design, which can provide extremely high peak power and good beam quality; all Optical electronics and mechanical devices are highly integrated.

Specification of Mopa laser color marking

1>Fiber laser source : JTP M1 20W

2>Working area :200*200mm

3>Aluminum alloy table 

4>Cooling system :Air cooling system

5> PC control system

6> Control system : Beijing JCZ EZCAD control system

7> Support all language English interface

8>  Lens:Import Singapore lens and mirrors with high quality

9> Option parts rotary can marking round material

Fiber Laser Color Marking Applicable industries: 

mobile phone buttons, plastic transparent buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool accessories, glasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, cookware, stainless steel products And other industries.

MOPA laser color marking detail images

Fiber Laser Color MarkingFiber Laser Marking machine

Fiber Laser Color Marking


1. How to choose suitable fiber marking machine ?

If you want to only mark on metal material other metal materila

but sometimes want to mark some plastic , leather , non-metal material ,

you can choose fiber laser marking machine is best choice .

if you want only mark on non-metal material like wood , paper , leather, PVC so on , choose CO2 laser marking

If you mark on metal and non-metal material ,but want to marking different color on Stainless steel , Titanium ,IPHONE Cover , Laptop keyword. choose MOPA laser color marking machine is best

2> If we can not operate Color laser marking machine ,how to do ?

Please don't worry , we have opertion manul instruction , it have detail step of how to use machine

We are also offer guide operate video of mopa laser marking color engraving .

We also have engineer within 24 hours online training and service

3>During machine working period , if machine broken or breakdown , how to do

You can directly call our engneer online , we have professional and experience technical support and solve your problem at first time .

4> How about machine warranty time ?

Our fiber laser marking with mopa color marking have 2 years guaranteen .during this period

we offer free service , replace broken parts , maintain.

samples pictures

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