Laser Engraver for Wood

Laser Engraver for Wood

The laser engraver for wood widely used in shoes, bags, leather goods, toys, clothing, handicrafts, advertising, computer embroidery, trademark weaving, electronic appliances, packaging plate, model and other industries processing and manufacturing. The working condition is stable and the service life is long.

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Product Details

Multifunctional laser engraver for wood with good quality on sale

Laser Engraver for Wood


1. Working area: 1300*2500mm

2. Control system: RD Color touch screen control system (best in china)

3. Beijing Reci Laser tube 100W

4. Taiwan import linear square Rails

5. Red point

6. Leadshine stepper motor and yako drivers with high quality

7. Dust collector system

8. Air pump

9. Exhaust Fan,

10. Fulong Belts,

11. Singapore Lenses and mirror (3 mirror and 1 lenses )

12. CW 3000 water chiller

13. In the casing surface spray treatment, stainless steel box cover .

14. Blade table for cutting acrylic , PVC , wood and so on

15. Standard tools box

16. USB offline

Application area

1. Seals applicable to non-metallic materials such as horn seals, wood seals, red plastic seals, plexiglass seals, atomic seals, rubber sheets for printing and other non-metallic materials, such as seals, squares, ellipses Chapters, strips, etc.

2. Applicable to the processing of small-scale arts and crafts. Various graphics and texts are made on the double-colored board, wooden board, bamboo board, density board, organic glass board, and cloth.

3. Engraving name, model, logo, pattern, etc. on electronic components


Laser power supply uses high-voltage laser power supply (good stability and long life). The mainboard of the machine is powered by a multi-functional high-stability motherboard. It uses imported components to stabilize the power supply, thereby prolonging the life of the motherboard. The laser tube adopts the Beijing Spur closed CO2 laser with good stability and long life. The spot is small and the power is sufficient. Plotters use high-abrasion aluminum rails for molds. The use of imported belts guarantees accuracy while ensuring excellent adjustment-free performance. The use of thickened and reinforced casing design is more reasonable.

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