Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine 2030

Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine 2030

laser engraving machine applied to clothing,leather,cloth toy,computerized embroidery cutting, can achieve the purpose of processing engraving and cutting .The power have 80W/100W/130W/150W/200W .etc ,different power can cut different thickness .

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Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine 2030 with high-accuracy

Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine 2030

Applicable Industry:

Applied to clothing,leather,cloth toy,computerized embroidery cutting,models,arts and crafts,bamboo and wood,advertising,decoration,construction decoration,packaging and printing.

Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Materials:

It is suitable for double color plate,organic glass,wood,paper,leather,rubber,marble,geanite,ceramic tile and other non-metal meterials.

Laser Cutting Machine 2030 Features:

1. leather bed is heavy and stable.

2. Selection of imported Singapore wavelength focusing mirror and reflecting lens, making the light reflectance and focusing rate of more than 99%, to minimize the use of power tubes and increase the life of the laser.

3. RD laser motion control system, powerful anti-interference, improve the overall use of the machine, lifetime warranty, free upgrade.

4. The China manufacture stepper motor and drive, greater intensity, faster, the curve instantaneous speed characteristics, cutting edge smooth and burr-free. In addition there are ultra-low noise, input signal TTL compatible, automatic current halved at rest, excellent trait.

5.Bejing Reci laser tube can work for ten months.

Acrylic Cutting Machine 2030 Technical parameter:



Working area


Laser Type

Beijing Reci130W,150W/200W/280W

Laser power

CO2 glass laser tube

Type of cooling

Pure Water cooling

Motor and driver

Stepper motor high subdivision drive

lens and mirrors


Rail guide

TaiWan shangyin

Cutting speed


Engraving apeed


Resolution radio


Max scan

4000 DPI

Position system

Red dot



control software

DSP control



Optional configuration

Honeycomb table,rotary device,auto focus

Laser Cutting Machine Parameter part:

Bejing Reci laser tube can work for ten months.


Singapore lens and mirrors

Pure Water cooling CW 5000

The stepper motor and drive

RD control system(easy to operate)



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