Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Laser Metal Cutting Machine

It is suitable for the processing of metal and non-metal sheet materials such as Akemov, MDF, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. It can provide customers with good economic benefits and save customers time, money, and effort!

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Product Details

Multifunction Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Metal and Nonmetal

Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Application Material

acrylic, wood products, paper and other non-metallic materials ;

Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper plate, alloy steel, aluminum plate, spring steel, galvanized plate, aluminized plate, titanium alloy, etc.

Techinical Parameter

# Working area     1300*900mm

# Control system    RD Color touch screen control system (best in china)

# Beijing Reci Laser tube 280W

# Taiwan import  linear square Rails

#Red point

# Leadshine stepper motor and drivers with high quality

# Dust collector system

# Air pump

# Exhaust Fan

# Fulong Belts

# Singapore Lenses and mirror (3 mirror and 1 lenses )

#CW 6000 water chiller

# In the casing surface spray treatment, stainless steel box cover .

# Blade table for cutting acrylic , PVC , wood and so on

# Standard tools box

# USB offline


1. The gantry adopts double screw drive structure of ball screw, high inertia large torque output, the maximum acceleration can reach 0.6G;

2. Reinforced welding bed, imported large gantry through Fine milling processing, and tempering processing vibratory stress relief, machine tool deformation is small;

3. The crossbeam is manufactured by drawing process and finishing process, with light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;

4.Professional laser cutting software, with graphics layout and smooth processing kinetic energy of sharp corners, can achieve high-speed drilling and marking functions;

5. Integrated structure design, the overall layout is compact, reasonable, and small footprint.

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