Co2 Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Co2 Laser Metal Cutting Machine

CO2 metal and non metal laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal and non metal material, need add oxygen gas as auxiliary when cutting metal, metal cutting max 3mm thickness.

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Product Details

Product Description:

This co2 laser metal cutting machine adopts most sophisticated gas laser,which combined with self-designed and high-strength welded bodies. After high temperature annealing and precision machining, it has good rigidity and stability, high import precision, fast speed and linear guide. It is mainly used for cutting plates of 1.7mm or less at high speed and with high precision. Air-assisted cutting is the most advanced level of laser cutting.

They are used in a variety of high power modern applications. The pump in it serves to give  energy which is amplified by the laser medium. This energy is converted into light and reflected by an optical resonator, which then releases the laser beam.


  • Energy saving and eco-friendly

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Stable and reliable integrated design of the frame structure

  • High efficiency and stable processing quality 

  • High absorption rate for common processing materials

  • Quick material processing capabilities

  • Excellent path quality: Smaller laser dot and high work efficiency, high quality

  • Stable running:adopt top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours

  • Quick curve cutting function: any curve can be cut quickly and continuously, and the laser head moves smoothly


This co2 laser metal cutting machine is particularly suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, titanium and other metal materials' precision cutting. It is widely used in metal products, hardware, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, electronics, toys, advertising and other industries. 

Product Details:

Product nameco2 laser metal cutting machine
Brand nameUnistar

Operating range(X*Y)


Laser power


Laser typeco2

Laser head

High quality laser head with follow-up system


RD (Ruida) 

Drive system

Stepper motor and drivers ( optional Taiwan delta servo )

Table type

Blade table option / honeycomb table

Guide rail

Taiwan PMI rail guide

Cooling type

CW5200 water cooller with alarm protection


Belt transmission,option is ball srew transmission

Data transfer interface:


Feed rate (Max)


Positioning accuracy




Cutting speed


Compatible software

Coreldraw, photoshop,, Autocad, TAJIMA

Supported Graphic format 


Operation temperature

0 - 45°C

Operation humidity

5 - 95%

Cutting thickness

Depend on different materials

Optional parts

Exhaust fan,Water chiller,Mirror and lens,etc.

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