Cnc Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Cnc Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

The CO2 laser source cutting machine with high accuracy and high speed. It has up-down plat working table and rotary axis for round material. It mainly for cutting non-metal material, such as PVC,acrylic,PDF,wooden board and so on. It apply to many industry. Engraving and cutting is basic function of it.

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Product Details

Cnc Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Description:

Compared with ordinary laser machines, this cnc laser engraving and cutting machine adopts a more scientific design and a high-strength steel frame structure, which increases the strength of the fuselage and prevents deformation of the machine during long-term work.

This machine is a newly designed model that meets the increased requirements for cutting metal and non-metallic materials with carbon dioxide laser tubes. It uses a specially designed machine structure and laser head to achieve good metal and non-metal cutting with oxygen.

In addition,the unique oxygen control system in this cnc laser engraving cutting machine eliminates worry about how to control the gas during the cutting process. Compared with other lasers, this cnc laser engraving cutting machine has a larger cutting material area and a more reasonable price, which is ideal for all customers who want to do cross industry business.

Cnc Laser Engraving Machine Details:

Working area(X*Y)


Laser Power

Beijing EFR Laser tube 100W

Guide railTaiwan import linear square rail
Motor & driversHigh quality leadshine stepper motor and yako drivers 
Lenses and mirrorSingapore 1 lenses and 3 mirror 

Laser Type

CO2sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6um

Cooling type

CW 3000 water chiller

Table typeBlade table for cutting acrylic , PVC , wood and so on

Control system

RD Color touch screen control system (best in china)

Laser Output Contol

1-100% software setting

Locating Precision


Supported File Format


Dust collector system


Air pump


Exhaust Fan


Standard tools box


Color Separation


Cnc Laser Cutting Machine Features:

  • Smart size, easy to place and set to work

  • Imported guide rail and servo motor to guarantee the high cutting accuracy

  • Fully enclosed design to protect operator’s safety

  • Under non-work state, open left door to clean the interior space

  • The humanized and modern appearance makes the operation and maintenance quite easy

  • High speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection,which largely improves your working efficiency

  • All the machines are equipped with USB offline control system,which makes the operation more convenient and faster

  • Facilitated with ball screw transmission system, capable of processing non-metal materials of different thickness

  • Exclusive technology machine body, stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and lifetime

Laser Engraving Machine Application

  • Application material:

Suitable for Jade, cloth, tile, paper, cardboard, leather, PU leather, trademark embroidery, plastic, rubber, bamboo and wood products, wood, plexiglass, acrylic, jade, leather, shell, horn, animal sebum, double-color board, bamboo Products, ABS boards, PVC boards, fibers, composites and other non-metallic materials.

  • Application industry:

Can be used for Jewelry, shoe materials, leather garments, trademark processing, embroidery, advertising decoration, wood processing, packaging and printing, laser knife mold, decoration and decoration industry, printing stamping template, craft gift industry, electronic and electrical industry, architectural model, aviation navigation model industry, etc.

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