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Water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle Difference and advantage
- Jun 04, 2018 -

   Water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle Difference and advantage

In the internal structure, the two are unified, both of which use stator winding coil; In terms of the control mode of the motor, water cooling is almost .

controlled by frequency conversion, while the main axis of air cooling is not, which can be controlled by frequency conversion and non frequency conversion.

Water cooled spindle of CNC engraving machine spindle and air cooling spindle difference:

Air cooling spindle


Water cooling spindle 


1.Water cooling spindle is  use water to cool the spindle after the heat generated by the high speed rotation, the effect will be very good, 

because the temperature of the water after circulation (test) is commonly used, but not more than 40 degrees; The main shaft of air cooling uses fan to heat up, its effect is not as good as water cooling. 

2.Noise, the water cooling spindle basically has no noise, but the main shaft of air cooling is very loud;cnc router water cooling spindle is more use for stone, soft metal , hard material .

because these material hardness is big ,choose water cooling cnc wood cutting machine more better.

3. Service life, water cooling spindle should pay attention to maintenance, frequently changing water or using industrial water cooling machine, such spindle life is much longer than air cooling spindle!

4.Accuracy: the axial and radial run out of the water cooled spindle is generally below 0.003 mm, while that of the air cooled spindle (domestic) is far below.

5.If Somne country temperature is lower,cold weather all years , It need to choose air cooling spindle good , Spindle ,water pump and pipe is easy to freezy ,it's easy to frost damage.

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