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The solution to the spindle of woodworking engraving machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

First, check the engraving machine spindle line short circuit;
Second, is also the easiest way to reinstall the computer program, (of course, before reloading to the click Parameters to remember, because each reload program, click Parameters will be restored)
Third, check whether the driver board is burned; (this can be judged by the drive lights in the chassis, usually the green light is normal.) Red light is not normal)
Four, spindle motor to inverter three-wire cable disconnected. Confirm method: Multimeter Quantity cable between the ends of the plug resistance. Solution: Connect the disconnection or change the line;
V, spindle motor to inverter three-wire cable connectors out. WORKAROUND: Re-plug or reset to try again;
Six, engraving machine spindle motor internal lead welding. Confirm method: Multimeter Quantity spindle motor socket resistance between three cores. Solution: Remove the socket and weld the open line again.

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