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Structure composition of laser marking machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Laser marking machine is mainly composed of cabinet, fiber laser, scanning mirror system, field mirror, red light indicator system, control power supply, computer, laser marking card and marking software system, its working principle block diagram and working principle chart are shown. After the laser beam is 1060±10nm from the output wavelength of the laser, and then to the mirror of the X-axis and y-axis two galvanometer scanners, the Galvanometer scanner produces a rapid oscillation under computer control, which scans the laser beam in the plane X and y two-D direction.
The lens laser beam focuses on the surface of the machined object to form a fine, high energy density of the spot, each high energy laser spot at the moment of ablation on the surface of the object to form a sculpture, after computer-controlled continuous process, the predefined characters, graphics and other tagged content will be permanently etched on the surface of the object.

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