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Stone carving machine operation and maintenance
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Operating procedures

1. Labor protection products must be worn before work. Women workers must wear work caps or hair nets, and must not wear scarves or high-heeled shoes. Do not wear gloves, smoke, chat with others, or concentrate on energy during operation. It is forbidden to play and stir in the workshop.

2. Before starting the machine tool, it is necessary to check whether the lubrication and protection devices of the various parts of the machine tool meet the requirements.

3. Reasonable use of tools, fixtures. When clamping precision workpieces or thinner, softer workpieces, the clamping method must be appropriate, and use a proper bite to ensure that the clamping is firm and reliable. Do not tap it with force. Use wooden hammers or pads to gently tap.

4. During operation, it is necessary to observe whether the workpiece is clamped loosely. If it is loose, stop it immediately to prevent bruises. Observe the workpiece during operation, the station should be appropriate.

5. When the engraving machine moves quickly, attention should be paid to the surrounding conditions to prevent collisions.

6. If you encounter abnormal heating of the CNC engraving machine motor, the sound is not normal, etc., should immediately stop the engraving machine

7. Operation should be civilized, machine tool guides and worktables should not be free to prevent tools, measuring tools, and workpieces. When the CNC engraving machine is in operation, it is forbidden to touch the rotating part or to rest the body on the machine tool. Do not transfer items from above the machine's moving parts.

8. Observe the procedure and do not arbitrarily modify the setting parameters and operating procedures of the manufacturer in the CNC system.

9. After the operation is completed, wipe the machine, clean the work site, and disconnect the power supply.

Routine maintenance

The stone carving machine is a precision numerical control equipment. The necessary daily maintenance and maintenance are of vital importance to the service life and accuracy of the machine. Please follow the requirements for maintenance and maintenance.

1. Continuous operation time is less than 10 hours per day to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. The water spindle motor must not be exposed to water shortage. Replace the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high. In winter, if the working environment is too cold, replace the water in the tank with antifreeze.

2. Every time the machine is used, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning, be sure to clean the dust on the platform and drive system, and regularly (weekly) lubrication of the drive system (X, Y, Z triaxial). (Note: X, Y, Z three-axis light rods are maintained with engine oil; high speed butter is added to the screw rods; if the working environment is too cold in winter, the screw rods and polished rods (square rails or circular rails) should be cleaned with gasoline first. , Then add the oil, otherwise it will cause the resistance of the machine's transmission part to be too large and cause the machine to be misaligned.)

3. The maintenance inspection of the electric appliance is to be sure to cut off the power until the monitor shows no display and the main circuit power indicator is off.

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