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Stone carving machine function and application
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Stone engraving machine can be carved in the natural stone, glass, ceramic carving high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment. The stone carving industry is a traditional industry in China, and the stone supply and marketing chain will also exist for a long time! At this time, the stone carving industry is undergoing a major transformation. The retirement of the old masonry and the young generation's requirements for high efficiency, mechanization, and automation have enabled the use of mechanical engraving equipment! Stone engraving machine can be carved in stone, ceramics, ceramic tiles, calligraphy and painting, to meet the requirements of personalized home decoration, tooling art design, can be used as decoration company, handicraft industry, stone industry, stone industry, ceramic company advanced engraving processing equipment. In recent years, stone engraving machines have grown rapidly and rapidly!

The main function:

Stone lettering, stone relief, stone carving, stone carving, stone carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing.

main feature:

1. Fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise, long service life;

2. The bed is a T-shaped steel frame. It adopts the full welding process and is treated with vibration and aging to ensure that the machine will not shake when the machine is operating at high speed.

3. High-power transverse torque spindle, large bearings, high speed, large amount of chips, and the motor is not easy to damage.

Application area:

Applicable to the stone industry, stone processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration and decoration industry, ceramic industry.

Applicable materials:

Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone, as well as ceramics, glass, organic glass, PVC plate, aluminum plate, bamboo and other materials.

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