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Stone carving machine classification
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Ordinary knife alloy knife:

High-performance alloy material, double-edged design, good sharpness, high cost performance, and easy re-grinding by hand. Disadvantages: This knife type is not suitable for relief because the angle is not standard (there is another larger angle at the tip). Generally used for carving bluestone, marble!

Standard angle alloy knife:

Using high-performance alloy material, double-edged design, angle standards, lettering, fine embossed effects are all good. Generally used for carving bluestone, marble! Can be made into a flat knife with flat bottom.

Smelting diamond grinding head knife:

Smelting diamond grinding head knives, manufactured using military high-tech "smelting diamond technology"! With a good degree of sharpness, high carving efficiency, no deformation of the cutter head, high engraving accuracy! Therefore, when carving marble, bluestone, sandstone and other materials, it is often used as a tool of choice for high-efficiency relief, and it is also a sharp weapon.

Integral alloy triangular knife:

The monolithic alloy cleaver uses ultra-fine-grain ultra-abrasive alloy. The wear resistance is much higher than other triangular cutters on the market. Angle standards, lettering effect is good, there is a universal knife grinder customers can use this knife. Without universal grinder, it is not recommended.

PCD polycrystalline diamond knife:

Using imported polycrystalline diamond blades, the quality is far from cheap domestic blades comparable! Using vacuum welding technology, the blade does not damage or fall off; micro-grinding technology makes the sharpness and strength of the cutting edge optimized. Generally used to engrave small prints of granite. Good hardness, long life, good carving effect. When using, you should pay attention to the flexible knife, not too aggressive.

Sintered diamond grinding heads:

Sintered diamond grinding heads are generally used for granite milling. Because the cutter head is made of sintered multi-layered diamond, it has a very high life span. The disadvantage is that the sharpness is not high and the cutter head will be deformed. Therefore, engraving marble, bluestone and other materials, in order to enable you to get a higher output and engraving effect, it is not recommended to use the sintering knife. When making granite and other difficult-to-machine stone, in order to avoid excessively high tooling costs, a sintered grinding head knife may be used.

Diamond cleaver:

Generally used for carving small granite or line carving. The advantage is higher life expectancy, the disadvantage is relatively poor sharpness, shallow depth of engraving.


There is no omnipotent stone cutter. Only reasonable tooling can match the engraving cost and engraving effect.

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