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Several factors to improve the efficiency of laser engraving machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

1, laser engraving machine is an electromechanical integration of equipment, work should avoid the impact of signal transmission devices, a number of high-pressure towers, launchers and so on.
2, laser engraving machine away from large capacity and strong vibration equipment, if suddenly received large power interference, sometimes caused by machine failures, although rare, but should be avoided as far as possible.
3, laser engraving machine should avoid in strong acid, strong alkali environment to work, so as not to damage the fuselage.
4, laser engraving machine to use the voltage, the best current is smooth, current, voltage fluctuations can not be too large, lest burn laser engraving machine line.
5, laser engraving machine Cleaning maintenance is also necessary, high-precision machine tool Guide rail core components, each task is completed, must clean and maintain clean and lubrication, so that the flexibility of the drive, precision machining, prolong the machine life.

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