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Repair and maintenance of CNC cutting machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Check the total intake of garbage, valves and pressure gauges are working properly.
Check all trachea connectors are loose, all tubes with no breakage, if necessary, fastening or replacement.
Check all transmission parts are loose, check gear and rack meshing situation, when necessary to adjust.
Loosen up the device, push the pulley with the hand, whether to come and go freely, if there is abnormal situation in time adjustment or replacement.
Check the clamping block, steel Belt and guide wheel for loosening, steel belt tightness, if necessary adjustment.
Check the strong electric cabinet and operating platform, the fastening screws are loose, with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer cleaning the cabinet dust, check whether the wiring head loose.
Check the performance of all buttons and select switches, damage replacement, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection of the accuracy of the graphics machine.

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