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Laser Machine CO2 laser tube attention matters
- Jun 23, 2018 -

CO2 Glass laser tube is very important part of consisit of laser machine 

so In the use of  CO2 laser tube, the following matters should be paid attention to, otherwise a little carelessness, it is easy to cause laser tube damage

1. there must be no bubbles or cooling tubes in the tube. Turn on the power again.

Requirements: Use soft water (distilled water or pure water) for cooling water, and always pay attention to the temperature of cooling water. The water temperature should be controlled within the range of 25°C-30°C. It must not be too high or too low, especially in summer, if the water temperature is found to be too high, The cooling water should be replaced or the machine must be shut down for a certain period of time: In cold areas, the cooling water must not be frozen. In particular, after the laser is stopped, the cooling water must not be stored in the laser tube to prevent the cooling water from freezing and causing cracks. (Special attention: users of AC power, cooling water tank must be grounded), to ensure that the cooling water flow in 2L-4L / min, otherwise the effect is not good;

2.two supporting points of the laser tube should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube.

Can cause the jump mode, the spot changes a few points to cause the power to drop; The cooling water return water mouth must be flooded to cover in the water tank, otherwise each time shuts the power off when the laser tube water cooling irrigation is not full. To prevent the smoke from sputtering on the output window during the working process (including the debugging of the light path);

3 pay attention to maintaining the laser output window.

To prevent the outer surface of the output window from being contaminated, the power will decrease. At this time, the outer surface of the output window can be wiped lightly with absorbent cotton or silk cloth and anhydrous alcohol; the position of the laser support or rotation laser can be adjusted;

4. the debugging process.

In order to achieve the best output, the laser must be fixed to keep it dry;

5. be sure to pay attention to: prevent the accumulation of dust near the high voltage electrode.

The high voltage side is as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high voltage ignition and discharge. No scale can form in the cooling tube;

6 the laser is in use.

In order to avoid clogging of the cooling water, the heat dissipation effect is deteriorated. Once found, the cooling tube can be cleaned with clean water to remove scale.

7.Laser machne tubesare glass products.

Prevent local stress and save laser energy;

8. Rationalize the use of laser tubes.

The best operating point of the laser tube is 16 mA.


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