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Inspection of CNC Cutting machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

(1) Longitudinal movement: Check the rollers, pay attention to iron oxide particles, and so on, when necessary to clean the wheel, and oil a little smear, check the guide line straightness, check and clean the guide rail, attention to whether there are iron oxide particles, if necessary, cleaning the guide, and coating a layer of oil film, inspection rack, the content
(2) Transverse movement: Check the rails on the beam, rack, steel strip, cleaning when necessary, after drying coating a layer of oil film, check the movement of the lateral motion limit switch. Check the steel strip tensioning force (check once for about half a year) and make adjustments if necessary.
(3) Frame: Check all the frame, if necessary to adjust, which should also check the clamping device.
(4) Check automatically high: Check the performance of automatic tuning, if necessary, to correct, found that the damage should be replaced detection ring and probe head.
(5) Air System: The performance of the gas system inspection, check the valves and fittings are air leakage, if necessary, fastening.
(6) Check electrical: Please see the Electric Manual of the CNC cutting machine.
(7) Performance test: Check all the buttons and select switch performance, diagonal precision test.

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