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How to maintain cnc router
- Jun 15, 2018 -


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Cnc router for woodworking machine is mainly used for 

Woodworking industry

Furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wooden handicraft industry, large area flat panel engraving, solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, solid wood art murals, MDF non-painting doors, composite doors, cabinet doors, bedside cabinets, screen engraving, etc.

Mold industry

Engrave various molds, wood molds, aviation wood molds, propellers, automotive foam molds, etc

When use cnc router ,  what should we do to  make cnc  router machine works longlifetime

Please refer to below details description:

First,if continuous operation time is less than 10 hours one day, to ensure the clean water cooling and the normal work of the pump, must not make the water spindle motor water shortage phenomenon, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high.

In winter, if the working environment is too cold, replace the water in the tank with antifreeze.


Second, each time the machine is over the work, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning, be sure to clean the dust on the platform and drive system, and regularly (weekly) lubricate the drive system (X, Y, Z triaxial).

(Note: X, Y, Z three-axis light rods are maintained with engine oil; high speed butter is added to the screw rods; if the working environment is too cold in winter, the screw rods and polished rods (square rails or circular rails) should be cleaned with gasoline first. ,Then add the oil, otherwise it will cause the resistance of the machine's transmission part to be too large and lead to the misalignment of the machine. )

Third, the electrical maintenance inspection  : we must cut off the power until the monitor shows no display and the main circuit power indicator is extinguished, before proceeding .

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