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How to choose the CNC engraving machine spindle
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The spindle is the most important component of the cnc engraving machine. The advantages and disadvantages of the spindle directly affect the processing speed and accuracy of the engraving machine. It is very important how to select the spindle of the high-quality engraving machine. The matching points of the spindle of the engraving machine are summarized:
1. If the pursuit of the processing efficiency of the engraving machine, the processing speed must be fast, while eating a large amount of knife, such as processing solid wood materials, spindle motors need more than 3KW power
2. Whether the spindle motor of the engraving machine adopts high-precision bearings. If high-precision bearings are not used, the spindle motor is overheated after a long-time rotation, affecting the service life of the spindle motor.
3. Look at the spindle of the engraving machine rotating at different speeds, especially high-speed rotation, whether the sound is even and harmonious
4. See if the spindle of the engraving machine is under radial force. The main reference is whether it is possible to cut hard texture materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut harder materials at very low speeds, otherwise the spindle performance will be severely lost, affecting the accuracy of the spindle after a period of time or even appearing.
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