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Heavy Duty stone carving machine
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Heavy-duty stone carving machine solves some unfavorable factors of light stone engraving machine, heavy-duty stone carving machine not only greatly enhance the gravity, but also the use of rack drive to enhance the engraving machine carving efficiency, can be in stone, ceramics, ceramic tile carving calligraphy and painting, can meet personalized home decoration, tooling art design requirements, can be used as decoration company, Handicraft industry, stone industry, tablet industry, ceramic company advanced carving processing equipment. Stone carving industry in China is a traditional industry. Heavy stone carving machine made up for the shortage of light stone carving machine, can more comprehensively meet customer demand for the diversification of engraving machine functions. Greatly enhance the performance of stone carving machine, to help meet the social promotion of energy-saving emission reduction, improve the efficient use of resources needs.

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