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Flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine contrast
- Mar 08, 2018 -

① Flame Cutting: Early investment is small, later cost more flame cutting general needs, a small amount of power (its power supply equivalent to a household electric cooker electricity consumption), one hours is also about a time, another flame cutting needs a lot of gas and oxygen, this is the flame cutting the main supplies needed.
② Plasma Cutting: The early investment is large, late cost relatively less plasma cutting in the prophase need to purchase power, the worst domestic power supply is also around thousands of yuan, so the plasma in the earlier words than the Flames, import power from 20,000 to up, the other plasma in the run requires a lot of electricity supply, so the plasma power consumption is large, Plasma cutting is required for the main supplies of cutting nozzle and electrodes, domestic a set of cutting nozzle and electrode price relative to the import of a lot cheaper.

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