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Daily maintenance of fiber cutting machine
- Oct 16, 2018 -

                                 Daily maintenance of fiber cutting machine

  Fiber laser

1. Carefully check the pressure of the laser working gas, auxiliary gas and auxiliary gas for cutting before starting up every day. If the gas pressure is insufficient, replace it in time and check whether the pipe is leaking;

2. Check whether the lubricating oil tank is short of oil; if it is missing, please make up in time.

3. Check whether the button of laser preparation is damaged (check indicator light) and the emergency stop button of the machine is normal;

4. Check whether the limit switch of X axis, Y axis and Z axis and the mounting screw of collision block are loose, and whether the limit switch of each axis is sensitive;

5. If there is a 24-hour prompt before the start of cutting every day, the mixed gas of the laser should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal cutting. After the completion of the ventilation, the air valve should be tightened to avoid leakage.

6. Check the circulating water level in the water tank of the chiller; if it is insufficient, it must be added in time;

7. Check whether there is leakage in the circulation water of external optical path, and timely deal with leakage; otherwise, the life of the optical lens will be affected;

8. Check whether the focusing lens is damaged after cutting every day;

9. Check whether the telescopic skin cavity of the external light path is burnt or damaged. If the telescopic skin cavity is burnt, check whether the external light path is polarized immediately

10. After the work is completed, clean and cut the waste timely, clean the work site, and keep the work site tidy and clean;At the same time, the equipment should be cleaned to ensure that all parts of the equipment are clean and free of stains.

11. After daily work, open the drain valve of the air compressor's air cylinder at the bottom for drainage, and close the valve when the waste water is discharged

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