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CO2 laser engraving machine structure
- Oct 16, 2018 -

                          CO2 laser engraving machine structure

The complete working system is composed of laser engraving machine, laser power source, laser engraving software, suction fan, air pump, diving pump, water tank, air duct, 

computer, communication cable, etc.The devices that are configured according to the work object are printers, scanners, various design software, and so on.

1>Schematic  diagram  


1: cover 

2: window 

3: laser tube longer cover 

4: the third mirror 

5: focusing on the adjusting screw head

6: focus on the first 

7: jet nozzle

8: current meter 

9: operating panel

10: linear guide X

 11: X beam 

12: cutting platform 

13: the cooling fan 

14:The door is to control 

15:the laser power 

16: the second mirror 

17: the third mirror into the light hole 

18: Y guide rail

2> Schematic diagram of backgroup laser engraving machine 


19. Laser tube cathode 

20: laser tube housing 

21: first reflector 

22: laser tube aperture

23: laser tube aperture

24: laser tube clamp ring 

25: upper exhaust port 

26: lower exhaust port 

27: laser tube anode 

28:22 0V power port 

29: water inlet port 

30: Inlet port 

31: outlet port

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