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Classified Advertising Engraving Machine
- Jul 02, 2018 -

The advertising engraving machine is divided into two categories: small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine. Common engraving machine engraving machine: badge, modeling, steel mold, engraving, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signs, sign making, hand board, punching, printing factory die, advertising word cutting, engraving advertising light box Production and so on.


From a functional point of view, advertising engraving machines are divided into two categories: low-power engraving machines and high-power engraving machines. The low-power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with a small engraving motor power. Since its engraving motor power is small, it can only be applied to fine processing with less cutting surface at a time. For example: badges, sandbox models, crafts and other surface processing. This type of engraving machine cannot perform high-power engraving and cutting. The high-power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with an engraving motor power of 700W or more. This type of engraving machine can not only carry out low-power engraving, but also can carry out high-power engraving. For example: the production of crystal characters, various types of advertising signs, sheet irregular forming, man-made stone processing. Because of its high power, it is possible to cut 30mm thick plexiglass at a time or use a forming knife for high power molding engraving. Some users are not aware of the high power and low power of the engraving machine. After reading the demo of the high power engraving machine, they bought a low-power engraving machine with a slightly lower price because of investment difficulties. As a result, only the breastplate can be engraved. For high-powered carvings such as plexiglass signs, you can only watch others do it. With the same investment, same store expenses, the same operation and other staff salaries, 80% of the sculpture business can not be done, not only reducing their own benefits, but also in a very unfavorable position in the peer competition. This point must be taken care of when selecting the engraving machine. If you are applying in this industry, you must purchase engraving machines that can carry out high-power engraving to meet the needs of this industry.

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