Three Axis CNC Router With Three Process

Three Axis CNC Router With Three Process

The three axis cnc router have three engraving head. Humanity design improve the work efficiency. save much labor. It could change the tools auto. Mainly used furniture and wood the same time,it’s different engraving tools for make different pattern.

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Three Axis CNC Router With Three Process


Three Axis CNC Router parameters

X, Y, Z Axis working area


Working table

Vacuum working table

X Y transmission

Rack and pinion

Z Transmission

Ball Screws

Spindle power

4.5kw air cooling*3


Fuling inverter*4

Dust collect

Auto dust collect system

Oil injection

oil injection by pressing

Max Spindle speed


Max traveling speed


Max. working Speed


Processing Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Motor and drivers

Stepper motors and drivers*4

Command language

HPGL, G code

Operation system


Working voltage

AC380V /50HZ




G code*.u00*.mmg*plt

Features of three axis cnc router

1, three process cnc router machine casting integrated bed, thick countertops and gantry beam structure, the structure is more stable.

2, three process cnc machine screw slider equipped with lubrication system, maintenance of the equipment becomes simple and convenient.

3, three process woodworking engraving machine. Z-axis lock and solid: After power off, restart the knife processing without obvious knife marks.

4, long-term work, can achieve power, breakpoints, every other day processing, convenient and effort.

5, the layout of the electronic control system is more humane, cleaner, and the core of the machine's core is more durable.

6. The screw connection of all parts of the three-step woodworker machine can loosen 100 times of unbreakable wire, which will facilitate replacement of parts after 10 years without affecting the rigidity and durability of the machine.

7. Three-step woodworking machine intelligent processing cross-border protection to prevent the design layout from mechanical impact caused by the processing format.

8, the ultra-high Z-axis travel design, Z-axis travel up to 180MM, let the machine more value.

9, the three process wood engraving machine reasonable dust protection, so that the machine can be crushed.

Machine shows

detail picture

Samples images


Packing and shipping

Packing and shipping

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