Atc Tool Changer Cnc Stone Engraving Machine

ATC tool changercnc stone engraving machine is not only can cut stone , marble, ganite ,alumimun, also can cutting and engraving wood , MDF, PVC, foam,plastic,polymethyl methacrylate material .

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Atc Tool Changer Cnc Stone Engraving Machine



1> 7.5KW toolchanger water cooling spindle China famous Changsheng brand ,have little noisy

Using water circulation to cool the heat generated by the high speed rotation with good cooling  effective for cnc stone engraving .

2> The bed body is welded by thick wall steel pipe, which is rigid and not easy to deform. ATC cnc stone engraving machine can bear over one ton of weight.Gantry and beam are welded with steel plate

3> The stone engraving machine with pulley , which can be put on material more easily , save much labour and energy , more easy

4> Vacuum table and T -slot table together ,it can not only can be suck in wood , MDF, PVC material with vacuum table, also can clamp stone,marble,granite,aluminum hard material .

5> Import Taiwan high quality PMI rail guide and helical rack pinion, long lifetime , high accuracy

6> High speed servo  motor and  drive, large cutting force, high efficiency

7> Taiwan Syntec control system professional support tool changer cnc stone cutting machine ,ATC cnc router , with operation panel , more easy to use it

8> With 8 tool changer magazine ,tool holder , it can save much time to make knife changer by hand.  Improve process efficiency ,save much time .

9>  High power horizontal torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, large chip cutting, and motor is not easy to be damaged

10>High speed, high precision, high stability, low noise, long service life

Industry and application

Suitable for stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, advertising, decorative decoration, ceramics industry

CNC stone engraving machine suit material :Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other kinds of stone, as well as ceramic, glass, organic glass, PVC board, aluminum plastic board, bamboo and other materials. Hard stone materials such as granite can be carved in layers up to 5mm. Marble, bluestone, etc. can be carved up to 5mm at a time.

Atc Tool Changer Cnc Stone Engraving Machine

Detail parameter



Machine area (X)


Machine area (Y)


Machine Area (Z)


Working area



7.5 KW tool changer water cooling spindle

Machine body

Heavy duty structure weld steel

Control system

Taiwan Syntec control system

Table type

Vacuum table and high hardness PVC

Motor and driver

Servo motor and drivers


Surfar inverter


High precision Helical racks and pinions. Taiwan TBI ball srew

Rail guide

Original Taiwan square linear guide way

forx,y,z axis, import Taiwan High quality rail guide

Prevent dust system

Dust proof system


rack and pinion

Oil system

Oil Lubrication System

Traveling speed


Processing speed


Spindle RPM(max)

0-24000 RPM

Position accuracy


Tool sensor

Auto tool sensor

Dust collect system

3KW double bags dust collector

Vauum pump

7.5KW vacuum pump

Working voltage

The machine working voltage is 3 phase 380V/50HZ

Tool sensor

Automatic tool sensor

Tool changer

8/10 tool changer magazine

Box tool

box tools, cnc stone carving machine with tool box include wrench ,tools , dust cover and so on

Parts pictures



Cutting Material


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