Small Desktop CNC Router

Small Desktop CNC Router

The small desktop cnc router widely used for small material producing. With high accuracy. It adopts heavy machine body , working more stable.And humanity design, easier to operate.

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Product Details

Cost-effective Small desktop cnc router in Chinese manufacture


Desktop CNC Router Configurations:

Working area:  600mm*400mm*180mm

Working table: T--slot working table

Spindle power: 1.5 KW water cooling spindle

Inverter: Fuling inverter

X,Y transmission: Rack and pinion

Z transmission: Ball screw transmission

Control system: NK105 operate system

Motor and drivers: Domestic stepper motor and drivers

Interface: USB

Command: G code

Small CNC Router Application area:

The small desktop cnc router used in architectural models, plastics and solid wood models, three-dimensional surface processing of musical instruments, also applies to copper plate, aluminum plate, iron plate engraving and aluminum products industry cutting, metal products industry, advertising industry, acrylic industry.

CNC Router Advantages:

Small desktop cnc router machine compact in structure and small in size. They use improved industrial CNC operation software and typesetting processing software. It’s stable and reliable, and the operation becomes extremely simple. Non-professionals can learn to use them quickly and use patterns to create patterns. The handwriting does not need to be dealt with separately, and the fine, exquisite and accurate results are achieved at a time.

Parts images

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(Q7CDD@1O8[81CD(FD511ES.jpgSmall CNC Router



Samples pictures

CNC Router


Small Desktop CNC Router



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