Plasma Machine

Plasma Machine

Plasma machine is a professional machine for cutting metal , including iron ,carbon steel , stainles steel ,aluminum , copper ,titanium, nickel and so on .we offered this type adopt heavy industry body , The square tube cast steel used for welding the bed is very heavy and weighs 200kg more than the normal bed.

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Latest Colour New Design Plasma Machine for Sale

Plasma Machine


Wind power industry,Advertising industry, metal processing, sheet metal industry, chassis cabinets, machinery manufacturing, lighting industry, process modeling, ventilation and refrigeration, three-dimensional luminous characters, other industries, etc.

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How to use plasma machine in correct way  

1. Use softened water to inject the cutting torch

2. Cutting should start from the edge

3. Remove oxides from air or oxygen nozzles

4. Remove slag from the maintenance shell

5. Apply splash-proof chemical paint to maintenance shell

6. Reduce unnecessary arcing (or arcing) time

7. Use a reasonable cutting height

8. Check airflow and coolant flow daily

9. Do not overload the nozzle

10. Prevent plasma arc elongation expansion

11. Adhere to the drying and cleanliness of plasma gases

12. Guarantee the correct pressure and flow of CNC plasma cutting machine

13. Remove gas after replacing consumables

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