Furniture Cutting Machine

Furniture Cutting Machine

Wooden furniture cutting machine for Wood Production line for panel furniture, kitchen cabinet, Auto feeding cnc router machine with high efficiency cnc router for Wood engraving Production line for wooden door, office desk, cabinet etc.

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Product Details

Auto feeding wooden furniture cutting machine for panel furniture, kitchen equipment

Furniture Cutting Machine

Furniture Cutting Machine Features
1> Automatic feeding: The forklift place a dozen plates in feeding place, the feeding zone have automatic induction switch, when the device automatically adsorp one panel. Feeding place will automatically rise to the height of the device also, convenient grab materials next time.
2> Automatic vertical drilling hole, the sucking disc automatic grab materials after a device to adjust to the best condition, the system reads processing code generated by the software, platoon drill automatically perform vertical hole.
3> Automatic cutting (vice abnormity cutting) after the punch for the material (including cutting special-shaped), plate cutting and pushing device down to the table.
4> Automatic unloading, the finish cutting board that push to the next area, at the same time level at a new plate to the processing zone, the section on at the same time
5> Save human labor, suitable for large engineering customized programs for processing.

Detail parameters


US132 wooden furniture cutting machine

Working travel


Table structure

vacuum table

Guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN/PMI square guide rail 25

XY axis transmission

rack&pinion transmission

Z axis

Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

Working precision


Repositioning precision


Max air move speed


Max working speed


Controlling system

Syntec control System


Imported Italy HSD atc air cooling spindle(auto change tools)

Spindle power


Spindle rotating speed


pop-up pins

for materials placement


Delta inverter

Driving system

Japan YASKAWA servo motor with reducer


G code

Oiling system


Working voltage

AC 380v/3phase(220v is optional)


Automatic loading and unloading device, automatic label function

Dust collector

2 units of double bags dust collector

Vacuum pump

7.5kw air vacuum pump

Parts of wooden furniture cutting machine

Sample pictures

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