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Jinan Unistar CNC is a professional manufacturer of cnc router , 3d cnc wood carving machine,4 axis /5 axis cnc router, cnc spindle tool changer cnc router,stone engraving machine ,metal engraving cnc router.
It's widely used for furniture decoration, stone industry, wooden crafts industry,mould industry,handicraft industry Improved production effeciency, save labor costs.
  • Furniture Cutting Machine

    Furniture Cutting Machine

    Wooden furniture cutting machine for Wood Production line for panel furniture, kitchen cabinet, Auto feeding cnc router machine with high efficiency cnc router for Wood engraving Production line for wooden door, office desk, cabinet etc.Read More
  • 4 Axis CNC Router Machine

    4 Axis CNC Router Machine

    4 axis wood cnc router is specially for 4D engraving, the spindle(A axis) can rotate +/- 90 degree, can make multi-kinds of surface which we can design with Software.
    With hard steel structure, this cnc router can work on MDF, Acrylic, wood, stone, and some soft metal,...
    Read More
  • 4 Axis CNC Wood Router

    4 Axis CNC Wood Router

    Jinan Unistar 4 axis atc cnc wood router, it can rotate ± 90 degree, can engrave multi-kinds material surface though design with software. it can process siding milling, drilling, lock slot, with 8 disk tool magazine of 4 axis cnc wood router, which can same much time than...Read More
  • 4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

    4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

    4 axis CNC machine is that spindle can rotate 180 degree, very suitable for drilling, drilling, lock can process various kinds of curved surface, statue, foam, Carrousel Tool Change System of 4 axis CNC Router are with 8 forks, which saves time than standard, cnc router 4...Read More
  • 4 Axis CNC Milling Machine

    4 Axis CNC Milling Machine

    Economical 4 axis cnc milling machine can be rotated 180 degrees to engraving industrial mould. Woodworking, panel furniture, foam, metal engraving etc.Read More
  • Mold Engraving Machine

    Mold Engraving Machine

    This section of high-precision CNC mold engraving machine is suitable for small objects carving and cutting with high precision, engraving material can be metal mold engraving, stone head, wood, jade and so on.Read More
  • CNC Router for Metal Engraving

    CNC Router for Metal Engraving

    CNC Router for Metal Engraving UNM6060 is mainly used for copper mold processing, it is applicable for sculpture mold industry, plastic mold industry, shoemaking industry, watch making industry, ferreteria, medical instrument, advertising industry, musical instrument...Read More
  • Metal CNC Milling Machine

    Metal CNC Milling Machine

    The metal cnc milling machine is covered by metal case. With beautiful appearance. High accuracy, working more steady. Engraving for metal material.Read More
  • Granite Engraving Machine

    Granite Engraving Machine

    This heavy-dust stone cnc router has fashion appearance and adopt stainless steel T-slot table surface to protect to rust, extend the life time. It's mainly used to engrave marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone, and ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC...Read More
  • Stone CNC Router

    Stone CNC Router

    In addition to words or patterns engraving and embossing on stones such as murals, marble, granite, tombstone, milestone and etc, Heavy-duty stone CNC router handles engraving on ceramics and plates used for woods and advertisement industries, including: Copper, iron,...Read More
  • CNC Marble Cutting Machine

    CNC Marble Cutting Machine

    Double spindle stone CNC Router Machine which applies to a variety of stone. Work more efficiently. It features a reliably-firm seamlessly-welded steel structure. Moreover, the distinctive absorption table surface and water tank design facilitates engraving.Read More
  • CNC Stone Carving Machine

    CNC Stone Carving Machine

    The CNC stone carving machine mainly function include that stone lettering, stone relief, stone overcast stone, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollow and so on.Read More
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