CNC Router

Jinan Unistar CNC is a professional manufacturer of cnc router , 3d cnc wood carving machine,4 axis /5 axis cnc router, cnc spindle tool changer cnc router,stone engraving machine ,metal engraving cnc router.
It's widely used for furniture decoration, stone industry, wooden crafts industry,mould industry,handicraft industry Improved production effeciency, save labor costs.
  • CNC Wood Drilling Machine

    CNC Wood Drilling Machine

    Multi-head cnc wood drilling machine can process at the same time, can also work alone, many times in creasing in efficiency, can also control the machine heads independently, can use only one head to process and make increasing the working area.Read More
  • CNC Routers for Woodworking

    CNC Routers for Woodworking

    USM1325 CNC Routers for Woodworking with double station, is an intelligent economic ATC equipment, It can auto-complete muti-process machining through air cylinder making two separate spindle automatic switching. working on two table, save much time, improve working efficiencyRead More
  • CNC Wood Router Machines

    CNC Wood Router Machines

    Mini advertising 6090 cnc router is X, Y, Z axis ball srew transmission, It has high machining accuracy, small noise, long service life. It is mainly cutting double color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, density board, ABS and so on.Read More
  • Linear ATC CNC Router

    Linear ATC CNC Router

    Jinan Unistar Linear atc cnc router row magazine fixed behind o the bed size, changing time speed 13S, Tool change capacity is 6 pieces, convenient to complete complex processing task of multiple head.Read More
  • CNC Machine Centers

    CNC Machine Centers

    The double process 6 KW air cooling spindle can make two tools changer, the drilling head is Professional used to make vertical hole, drilling package of high drilling efficiency mainly in the adjacent hole can be processed at the same time, this equipment is usually use for...Read More
  • ATC Spindle CNC Router

    ATC Spindle CNC Router

    Disk magazine fixed on the machine right beam, changing time is only need 10 seconds, Tool changer capacity is 8/10/12 pieces, more convenient to complete complex tasks of multiple head, new type servo tool library, high precision of tool position, tools changing in high...Read More
  • ATC CNC Router Machines

    ATC CNC Router Machines

    Three process cnc router cnc machine is an economical tool changer cnc router machines.
    It can auto-complete multi-process machining through three separate spindle automatic switching, save much time, improve process efficiency.
    Read More
  • Tool Changer CNC Router

    Tool Changer CNC Router

    Jinan Unistar Four process tool change cnc router are use for all kinds of board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, it can make four tools change automatically, engraving and cutting different pattern, improve working working efficiency.Read More
  • Tool Changer CNC Machine

    Tool Changer CNC Machine

    The use of automatic changers increases the productive time and reduces the unproductive time to a large extent. It provides the storage of the tools which are returned automatically to the machine tool after carrying out the required operations, increases the flexibility of...Read More
  • ATC Woodworking CNC Router

    ATC Woodworking CNC Router

    ATC woodworking cnc router is designed for high high efficiency and changes tools/bits automatically working, saving time and manpower. It is mainly use for Panel furniture, wooden door, kitchen equipment etc.Read More
  • Wooden Furniture Making Machine

    Wooden Furniture Making Machine

    Wooden furniture making machine for Wood Production line for panel furniture, kitchen cabinet, Auto feeding cnc router machine with high efficiency cnc router for Wood engraving Production line for wooden door, office desk, cabinet etc.Read More
  • Wood Door Making CNC Router Machine

    Wood Door Making CNC Router Machine

    Wood Door Making CNC Router Machine is Specially used for panel furniture include office furniture, kitchen cabinet, cloths cabinet and so on. Redwood classical and antique furniture, Exquisite European furniture, decorative products sculpture.Read More
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