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Jinan Unistar CNC is a professional manufacturer of cnc router , 3d cnc wood carving machine,4 axis /5 axis cnc router, cnc spindle tool changer cnc router,stone engraving machine ,metal engraving cnc router.
It's widely used for furniture decoration, stone industry, wooden crafts industry,mould industry,handicraft industry Improved production effeciency, save labor costs.
  • CNC Engraving Machine

    CNC Engraving Machine

    The cnc machine engraving with heavy machine body, ensure the steady when it works. Mainly for wooden producing, Acrylic engraving, and so on. It’s a cost-effective type cnc router to keep.Read More
  • CNC Plasma Cutter 1325

    CNC Plasma Cutter 1325

    Unistar 1325 cnc plasma table with high speed, high efficiency, cutting speed can reach more than 10 m/min. The cutting area wide, can cut all sheet metal.The precision is higher than flame cutting.Plasma cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure...Read More
  • Four Processes CNC Router Machine

    Four Processes CNC Router Machine

    The four process CNC router machine mainly for wooden doors making. During produce the product, it could finished the work piece smoothly. It needn’t change the tools by human. And the design of the machine structure ensure the accuracy when it works. It’s worth to keep.Read More
  • Disk Type Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

    Disk Type Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

    The disc changer engraving machine we provide can realize a multi-purpose machine. It can cut the material and shape the sculpture. It can automatically position the plate and save time and effort. It can also hole and slot both sides of the plate.In the woodworking industry,...Read More
  • Cnc Laser Cutting Engraving Machine For Acrylic Wood Metal

    Cnc Laser Cutting Engraving Machine For Acrylic Wood Metal

    This cnc laser cutting engraving machine is ideal for laser processing projects such as lighting advertising, signage, point-of-sale displays and more. The acrylic resin can be engraved using a CO2 laser to form a matte finish, or marked with a fiber laser to produce a color...Read More
  • CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood Metal

    CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood Metal

    Economical, cost-effective metal-metal hybrid laser cutting machine,reliable product quality, comprehensive processing capability (mixed cutting, processable stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, density board, die cutter), low investment costs, low operating costs and low...Read More
  • Small Desktop CNC Router

    Small Desktop CNC Router

    The small desktop cnc router widely used for small material producing. With high accuracy. It adopts heavy machine body , working more stable.And humanity design, easier to operate.Read More
  • small cnc router machine

    small cnc router machine

    This section of high-precision small cnc router machine is suitable for small objects carving and cutting with high precision, engraving material can be metal mold engraving,stone head, wood, jade and so on.Read More
  • Hobby CNC Machine

    Hobby CNC Machine

    Double spindle stone CNC Router Machine which applies to a variety of stone .Work more efficiently . It features a reliably-firm seamlessly-welded steel structure. Moreover, the distinctive absorption table surface and water tank design facilitates engraving.Read More
  • Small CNC Router

    Small CNC Router

    The small cnc router overall structure of the machine casting, high precision, structure will never be deformed. Used for natural marble, blue stone, granite and other stone, copper, aluminum, iron and other metal wood, acrylic, MDF, Engraving or cutting of tombstones,...Read More
  • Automatic Tool Changer in CNC Machine

    Automatic Tool Changer in CNC Machine

    1325 Automatic Tool Changer in CNC Machine is a multifunctional numerical control equipment for custom furniture production. It is mainly used for cabinet door and wood door milling engraving; it can also be used for vertical hole, slotting and material cutting of plate...Read More
  • Auto Tool Changer CNC Router

    Auto Tool Changer CNC Router

    The Disk auto tools changer wood router usually for production of panel furniture. It could change the tools by itself and with a very short time. Compared to liner auto tools wood router, it save much time,improving work efficiency.Read More
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