Fiber Marking Machine Features

Fiber Marking Machine Features

Laser metal fiber marking machine have 20W/30W/50W power ,different power can engrave different thickness metal and non metal material .no consumable , long life time

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Fiber marking machine


Metal laser Fiber marking have 10W/20W/30W/50W few type power , 

The more power , the faster marking speed , engraving quality is good .


Fiber marking machine is mainly use for metal and non-metal material marking. Applicable industries include electronic industry, automobile industry, tool measuring tools, aerospace industry, instruments and instruments, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, identification CARDS, daily supplies, jewelry and diamonds, etc.

Advantages of optical fiber laser marking machine:

1. No consumables, low processing cost after use

2. Less times of maintenance can reduce maintenance costs

3. Fast marking speed, almost no damage to the product

4. The marking range is wide and can be used for common metals and alloys, rare metals and alloys, metal oxides, special surface treatment, crystal, plastic, etc

5. Marks can be made for flat surface and concave convex surface

6. The marking is more delicate. For small marking products, no matter how small the number and LOGO can be clearly visible

7. It can hit tens of thousands or more times per second, and the marking speed is convenient and fast, which can be used for large-scale production

8. It can be used in the production line, because the laser is controlled by the computer with a predictable range and accurate speed

9. Can be typesetting at will on the computer, without making templates, which can reduce processing costs

10. The body of the fiber laser marking machine is small and convenient, and the three-dimensional space occupies a small area

11. The optical fiber laser marking machine has a long service life and is not easy to damage

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