Mini CNC Mill

Mini CNC Mill

Unistar provide this mini type CNC router three axis adopt ball screw transmission , high accuracy and stable , can be used in to carve stone, jade ,Acrylic , MDF, PVC , double-color plate , plastic and other material cutting and engraving .

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Product Details

Multifunction  and sample mini cnc mill for advertising



X, Y, Z Axis working area


Working table

Aluminum T slot working table


X,Y,Z Ball Screws(from Japan or German)

Spindle power

3.0 kw water cooling


Fuling inverter

Water pump


Operation system

Rich Auto DSP A11

Dust collect

Auto dust collect system with two bags

Motor and drivers

Stepper motor and driver

Oil injection

Manual oil injection

Max. Spindle speed


Max. traveling speed


Max. working Speed


Processing Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Command language

HPGL, G code

Working voltage

AC380V /50HZ




G code*.u00*.mmg*plt

Scope of application

Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, wooden doors, screens, craft fan window processing, auxiliary processing of various furniture products.

Advertising Engraving: Acrylic cutting and carving, crystal character making, two-color board cutting and engraving, plexiglass and PVC board, architectural model, instrument panel, badge and logo production.

Stone carving: marble and granite carvings, tombstone carvings. [need to add sink water cooling]

Metal engraving: metal engraving such as iron/copper/aluminum/steel, industrial mold engraving. [need to add sink water cooling.

Other industries: You can engrave all kinds of shadow carving, relief, widely used in craft gift industry.

Optional parts

Vacuum adsorption table: vacuum pump directly absorbs the carved items, more solid and convenient.

Dust collection device: Clean the carving residue directly and it is more hygienic and convenient.

Water circulation cooling system: It plays a good role in cooling hard materials such as engraving metal.

Sculpture effect

Can be carved all kinds of relief, shadow carving, openwork, plane engraving, cutting, washing and other effects.

Suitable materials

Wood materials, PVC, acrylic, two-color board, density board, crystal board, artificial marble and other non-metallic materials, and aluminum, copper, aluminum plate and other metal materials.


★ The bed adopts high-quality steel pipe welding. It has high stability and is treated by vibration aging, without deformation and good rigidity.

★ XYZ three-axis ball screw, high engraving accuracy, strong intensity.

★Spindle adopts domestic 3KW water-cooled motor, low noise, strong and powerful, maintenance-free, can realize continuous operation;

★ Intelligent protection working table to prevent possible damage to the countertop caused by misoperation or software error. Intelligent processing cross-border protection to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout overwork breadth

★ The software controls the operation of the spindle, which is highly automated and requires no manual operation after startup.

★ Fast speed, high efficiency, the airspeed can reach more than 26 meters/minute.

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Sample Picture




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