CNC Wood Drilling Machine

CNC Wood Drilling Machine

Multi-head cnc wood drilling machine can process at the same time, can also work alone, many times in creasing in efficiency, can also control the machine heads independently, can use only one head to process and make increasing the working area.

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Product Details

Multi-head cnc wood drilling machine with computer cabinet

CNC Wood Drilling Machine

Applicable industry and material
Antique furniture relief engraving, wood, hollow, furniture decoration,musical instruments, wood products, soft metal such as copper, aluminum mold processing

Wood Drilling Machine Advantage
1> Gantry moveable, gantry all casting, strong durability, not easy to deformation, have long service life.
2> The machine adopts welded steel structure, high strength and rigidity, the machine bearing capacity of up to two tons.
3> Imported four rows of steel linear guide rail to improve the self-lubricating speed to ensure that mechanical operation in all directions equal force to ensure that the mechanical precision and strength in a rated state.
4> The use of intelligent processing speed control, effective control of the processing speed, while improving operational efficiency but also with the extension of the use of time. Ensure the quality of processed products.
5> Using high-speed stepper motor and drive, Y-axis dual-motor drive, high-precision rack drive, with strong cutting spindle to make engraving faster
6> Software compatibility, compatible with type3 / Actcam / Castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software.

CNC Wood Drilling Machine Specification

Machine model
Working table
Workable size
Spindle motor
Max.Travelling speed
Max. working speed
Spindle Rotation Speed
Operating system
Driver & motor
Rail guide
Dust Collecting System
Working Voltage

T-slot table
2.2KW water cooling spindle *8
Shanghai Fuling Inverter*8
0-24 000rpm
NC studio control system with computer
G Code
Stepper motor and drivers
X,Y axis by rack pinion, Z axis by ball  srew
Import Taiwan HIWIN rail guide
3KWdouble bags dust collect

Detail parts of cnc machine 


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