CNC Router Parts

CNC Router Parts

​The CNC router parts Mainly used in woodworking industry and advertising industry, such as processing of solid wood doors, screens, and process window. Advertising signage, sign production, and production of a variety of material advertisement decoration products.

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High quality and strong structure CNC router parts in hot sale

CNC Router Parts


Product Name: CNC router parts

X,Y,Z Working Area: 1300x2500x250mm

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning: Accuracy  ±0.05mm

Table Surface: T-Slot Table

Frame: Square pipe Welded Structure

X, Y axis transmission: Rack and Pinion gear

Z axis transmission: Ball Screw

Max. Traveling speed: 25000mm/min

Max. Working speed: 15000mm/min

Rail Configuration: 20 square rail

Spindle Power: Air-cooling 3 kw spindle

Spindle Rotating Speed: 0-24000RPM

Drive and Motors: Stepper System

Working Voltage: AC380V ,50Hz ,3PH

Operating System: NC studio system

Command Language: G code, u00, PLT, HPG and etc.

Software Compatibility: Type3,Wentai,Artcut

Packing: Wooden case

Features of this machine

1. The transmission speed is fast: The two axes are the precise helical rack rotation, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the empty line speed reaches 40 meters/minute.

2. Engraving speed: high-speed drive stepper (or servo) motor and driver, Y-axis with dual motor drive, high-precision rack drive, with the strong cutting spindle to make carving faster.

3. Smooth running: It adopts imported linear square guide rails, double row four-row ball slide blocks, large bearing weight, stable operation, high precision, long service life, high precision of imported ball screw, and accurate under knife.

4.Intelligent control: using special control system (optional macro macro system, DSP offline handle control system, etc.), with breakpoint, power off, broken knife continued carving function, with high stability, high efficiency, at the same time Easy to learn.

5. Sturdy and durable: The whole steel structure of the bed is welded and the column is cast as a whole. It is strong in steel, strong in strength, and stable in rotation. It does not deform and shake during long-time high-speed operation. Gantry type movement, can be arbitrarily processed materials on the work surface, sturdy and durable.

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Our quality control


From raw materials - feed production - configuration and installation - performance testing - finished product storage, control of each link, to ensure product quality standards.

1. Perform strict inspection on all products and raw materials supplied by suppliers.

2. Strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, from start of feed to finished product.

3. During the entire assembly and installation process, follow the strict standard operation to ensure that the finished product is not damaged.

4. Ensure that each outgoing device and each accessory are fully inched and the performance is up to standard.

5. Before the finished product is put into storage, conduct comprehensive quality inspection and control according to inspection standards and production orders.

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