Disk Type Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

Disk Type Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

The disc changer engraving machine we provide can realize a multi-purpose machine. It can cut the material and shape the sculpture. It can automatically position the plate and save time and effort. It can also hole and slot both sides of the plate.In the woodworking industry, meet the needs of different customers.

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Product Details

Multifunction Disk type automatic tool changer cnc router

Disk Type Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router

Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router Application

Applicable to furniture, carpentry decoration, carved wood furniture, cabinet doors, paint free doors, screens, advertising, musical instruments processing and other industries.

Machinable materials: a variety of non-metallic materials such as various wood materials, plastics, organic glass, insulating materials, PVC, acrylic, two-color board, ABS board and so on.




Machine area (X)


Machine area (Y)


Machine Area (Z)


Working area



9KW air cooling HQD auto tool change spindle

Machine body

Heavy duty structure weld steel 12mm thickness

Control system

SNYTEC control system with high quality

Table type

Strong vacuum suction table ( Option: T-slot table)

Motor and driver

Taiwan delta servo motor and drivers


Surfar inverter (Best in China )


Taiwan ball screw (Has good performance ,long life)

Rail guide

Taiwan TBI rail guide ,

Prevent dust system

Dust proof system


X,Y Helical rack -pinion ,Z ball screw

Oil system

Auto oil injection system

Traveling speed


Processing speed


Spindle RPM(max)

0-24000 RPM

Position accuracy


Tool sensor

Auto tool sensor

Dust collect system

3KW Double bags collect system

Vacuum pump

5.5KW vacuum pump for vacuum table

Tool magazine

Carousel style ATC 8 position

Tool holder

8 tool holder (Option: 10 /12 tool holder)

Date of delivery



■ Heavy-duty bed, through tempering sandblasting anti-rust treatment, five-sided milling machine center hole, guaranteed accuracy within 5 wires

■ When processing a product, it is sometimes necessary to sculpt a number of tools to produce different flower patterns. The automatic disk tool changer engraving machine is specifically designed and manufactured to simplify the tool change process in the engraving process.

■ After one time successfully set knife, no need to re-set again , shortening the time of tool change and knife setting. It is very suitable for processing a product that has been changed several times.

■ Vacuum tabletop with more partitions independently controlled adsorption system, effective control of adsorption, meanwhile , able to select the absorption zone according to the size of processing material ,thereby reducing energy consumption.

■ With automatic lubrication system, all the slides can be lubricated according to setting time.

■ Intelligent cross-border protection (limit protection) to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.

■ Advanced professional SNYTEC control system , compatible with multiple types of software Type3/Artcam/Castmate/pro-e/UG/CAD/IIIustrator.

■ Optional accessories: optional dust suction device, vacuum adsorption device, automatic feeding device (save manpower to achieve sheet metal processing automation).


Sample display

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