CNC Router with Disc Tool Changer

CNC Router with Disc Tool Changer

The disk tool changer engraving machine can automatically complete the work of feeding, punching, cutting and cutting, which can greatly save the labor cost and improve the processing efficiency. It is an indispensable helper for the panel furniture industry.

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Product Details

1325 3D Servo System ATC cnc router with disc tool changer


Suitable industry

The machining center is designed for high-end customers with high standards, high requirements and high degree of automation. It is suitable for high-volume, all-weather processing.

Furniture Decoration Industry, Large Area Plane Carving, Solid Wood, Panel Furniture Carving, Solid Wood Art Mural, Solid Wood Doors, Cabinet Door Carving, Wood Products Processing, Sewing Machine Table Tops, Electrical Counter Tops, Sporting Goods Equipment, Musical Instruments Industry, 3D Surfaces for Engraving Musical Instruments , Shape cutting.

CNC Router with Disc Tool Changer Introduction:

1) This type of tool changer is economical and has a unique automatic tool change control function that can accurately adjust the position of the tool tip and automatically set the tool setting system.

2) 3KW Double bags collect system, improve working environment

3) Intelligent protection of the work surface to prevent possible damage to the table due to misoperation or software error. Intelligent processing cross-border protection prevents mechanical impact caused by design layouts exceeding the processing width.

4) Advanced NK260 control handles to automate multi-level 3D processing. Enables fast smooth 3D machining, engraving or cutting, off-line operation.

5) The whole steel structure is tempered for aging treatment, which is not deformed. Gantry type mobile, fixed worktable surface, free to process the material on the work table.

6) Imported Taiwan HIWIN linear square rail guide, X,Y Helical rack -pinion, Z Taiwan ball screw, large bearing capacity, smooth movement, high precision and long service life. 

7) Good software compatibility, compatible with CAD/CAM design software such as type3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai.

8) Suitable for mass production of various materials.

CNC Router with Disc Tool Changer Parameter



Machine area (X)


Machine area (Y)


Machine Area (Z)


Working area



9KW air cooling HQD auto tool change spindle

Machine body

Heavy duty structure weld steel 12mm thickness

Control system

NK260 control system with high quality

Table type

Strong vacuum adsorption table

Motor and driver

Taiwan delta servo motor and drivers


Surfar inverter (Best in China )

Rail guide

Taiwan HIWIN rail guide

Tool sensor

Auto tool sensor

Dust collect system

3KW Double bags collect system


X,Y Helical rack -pinion ,Z Taiwan ball screw

Oil system

Auto oil injection system

Vauum pump

5.5KW vacuum pump for vacuum table

Dust collect system

3KW Double bags collect system

Automatic tool setting system


Automatic feeding device


Tool sensor

Auto tool sensor

Tool magazine

Carousel style ATC 8 position

Tool holder

8 tool holder

Traveling speed


Processing speed


Spindle RPM(max)

0-24000 RPM

Position accuracy


Detial picture


CNC Router with Disc Tool Changer




Sample Picture



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