ATC Four Process CNC Router

ATC Four Process CNC Router

The four process machine can be solved, and the product needs to be replaced with four cutting tools, reducing the time of changing the knife and improving the working efficiency. Meanwhile, the price of the cutter machine is also saved.

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Product Details

ATC Four Process CNC Router US1325 with Vacuum table


Applicable industy:

soild wood doors ,wood carving designs,office furniture,panel processing,musicals instruments,clock stands.

Applicable material:

Arylic,  PVC, MDF, Plexiglass, plastic, solid wood engraving, PCB, aluminum plate engraving and other soft metals.


1.The vacuum system can remove wood chips and broken foam during processing, and maintain the workbench clean and disguised.

2.We adopt taiwan high quality rail guide, keep high accuracy and precision to make machine .

3.Adopt Weihong control system, which has the functions of break point, power-off and continuous engraving.

4.Reduce the time of changing the knife ,improve the work efficiency ,and also save the price of the blade machine.

5.The whole steel structure of the bed is welded ,and the steel is strong,strong and smooth ,and the long time is not deformed.

Detail parameters:



working area



Vacuum table

Transmission (X.Y)

X.Y rack and pinion

Transmission (Z)

Taiwan TBI Ball Screws

Spindle power

4.5KW HQD air cooling *4

Spindle speed



HIWIN square rail guide

control system

NK-260 control system


Fuling Inverter

Motor and drivers

Delta servo motors and drivers

Dust collect

Auto dust collect system

Command code

G code

Oiling system




Detail parts:

Hardness double PVC board ,smooth and Flat ,matrix and with professional vacuum pump Have stronger absorption.

ATC Four Process CNC Router

4.5KW HQD air cooling  ,fastest and most efficient.

Taiwan high quality rail guide, keep high accuracy


Shanghai weihong NK-260 control system,

Mainstream control system.

Fuling Inverter


Delta servo motors and drivers

Detail samples:

initpintu_副本.jpg               QQ图片20180508140753.jpg


Our Warranty and service
1.Jinan Unistar CNC Factory guarantees all new machines are of high quality.
2.If your machinery breaks due to the operator's error, the warranty will pay for the work to repair the machine.

3.If the Machinery was new when the warranty began, in the event of a total loss, we pay the new replacement value of the machine including the cost of dismantling less the value of salvaged parts.

Contact way:

If you are interested in our machine , Please feel free to contact me through
Whatsapp:+86 15853176231

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