ATC CNC Router Machines

ATC CNC Router Machines

Three process cnc router cnc machine is an economical tool changer cnc router machines.
It can auto-complete multi-process machining through three separate spindle automatic switching, save much time, improve process efficiency.

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Product Details

High quality USM1325 three process ATC cnc router machines for sale
Applicable industry and material
● Panel furniture decoration industry:
Solid wooded door, compound door, cupboard door, large area plank plane carving, wood
carve designs, board type furniture engraving, solid wood art mural engraving and so on.
● Wooden crafts processing:
Clock frame, picture frame, electrical counter face, sports equipment, thin aluminum board cutting and engraving
● Applicable to the computer desk, Can be used in large area, big output high density board, solid wood plane engraving, cutting, such as 3 d relief operation.
● The machine for diversified complexity processing models, suitable for board type furniture, such as complicated technology, modelling more products to mass production.
● For 2-3 kinds of pattern knife sculpture ornamental engraving and milling, processing a variety of designs (modelling)

Detail parameter

X,Y,Z, Working Area
Table Size
Spindle power
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy
X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy:
Table Surface
X, Y Structure
Z Structure
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Working Voltage
Command Language
Operating System
Flash Memory
X,Y Resolution
Software Compatibility
Running Environment Temperature
Relative Humidity
Optional Parts
Vacuum Pump

4.5KW HQD *2 spindle. 6 KW HQD air cooling spindle
Vacuum table with vacuum pump
Heavy Steel Tube Structure
Rack and Pinion Drive,Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and TBI Ball Screw
Hybrid servo motor and drivers
AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)
G Code
NC studio control system
Type3/UcancameV9 software (Option: Artcam software)
0 - 45 Centigrade
30% - 75%
Mach 3/weihong Control system
Included 5.5KW vacuum pump

Parts pictures

ATC CNC Router Machines


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