Best Plasma Cutter

Best Plasma Cutter

The best plasma cutter machine is a kind of high-precision,high-reliability cutting equipment that combines precision mechanical transmission and thermal cutting technology. The good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple. It can quickly and accurately cut a variety of plates with complex shapes. It is especially suitable for automatic cutting of medium and thin non-ferrous metal plates, stainless steel and carbon steel plates.

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High quality best plasma cutter machine on hot sale

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Configurations of this machine

Working area: 1500mm*3000mm

Power supply: LGK 160A

Control system: Bejing starfire control system

Motor and drivers: Domestic stepper motor and drivers

THC Control system: Torch height control system

Software: Fastcam software

Transmission: X,Y Helical rack -pinion ,Z ball screw

Max. cutting speed 16000mm/min

Power cutting ability 0.5-30mm

Repeatability 0.005mm

Working voltage380V/60HZ/50HZ

Prevent dust system: Dust proof system

Oil system:  Auto oil injection system

Air compressor:We added for you

Plasma Cutter machine Application area

Best plasma cutter can be used in advertising decoration, metal processing, metal processing and other industries; can cut iron plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other materials.

Plasma Cutter Advantages

1.The gantry structure is adopted for the cross beam, and the overall structure is designed. The structure has the characteristics of good rigidity, light weight, and small movement inertia.

2.Guide rails: X/Y axis adopts square-rail and helical gear rack drive; Z-axis screw drive. The guide rail design is based on our many years of transmission coefficient configuration, smooth transmission and high running accuracy.

3.Cutting effect: The cutting mouth is small, neat, no dregs phenomenon, avoiding the second trimming process.

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