Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter

Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter

The sheet metal plasma cutter can accurately cut metal material, move steady and with high cutting speed. Mainly for iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.

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Product Details

Sheet metal plasma cutter  with high cutting accuracy


Configurations of sheet metal plasma cutter 

#Working area :  1300*2500mm

#Domestic HuaYuan plasma power160A

# Beijing starfire control system

# 450C stepper motor and  drivers

#25 PMI rail guide import from Taiwan

#X,Y Helical rack -pinion made in China with best quality

# Stainless steel water tank

# Original one Fastcam software

# Torch height control system has touch screen , more easy to adjust   the arc height.

# Dust proof system

# Auto oil injection system

# Working voltage:380V/60HZ/50HZ

# Spare parts :Electrode / Nozzle / Protective cap (3 sets free charge) 

# Air compressor:We added for you 

Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter machine Applicable area

The sheet metal plasma cutter machine is often used in many industries, such as: chemical machinery, automotive industry, general engineering machinery, advertising production, iron word, titanium plate cutting, stainless steel cutting, etc.


Advantages of sheet metal plasma cutter 

The plasma cutter machine has many advantages, such as simple operation, high precision, high work efficiency, low labor intensity, high cutting speed, narrow slits, smooth cuts, small heat affected zone, low workpiece deformation, and remarkable energy saving effect. The advantages are widely used in many types of workpieces.


Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter Parts images

Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter 

Sheet Metal Plasma Cutter machine 


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