Rotary Plasma Cutter

Rotary Plasma Cutter

Rotary plasma cutter is both can cut steel plate, and can cut metal pipe used a dual-use, economical and practical. Desktop tube plate one cutting machine for cutting the pipe diameter: 10-500 Cutting length.

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Unistar heavy industry USP1530 Rotary Plasma Cutter for pipe axis, metal tube

Rotary Plasma Cutter 

Rotary Plasma Cutter machine Features

1) Plasma cutting machine with rotating shaft can not only cut metal plate, but also cut round tube, one machine for dual purpose, economical and economical. Cutting diameter: 10-500cm

2) The whole machine adopts the platform gantry structure and is driven bilaterally. The XY axis track adopts the precision linear guide rail. The transmission system adopts the precision gear rack transmission, and the operation is stable.

3)Beijing Start peak control system, LCD panel control, simple operation, user-friendly design, easy to use.

4) Adopts automatic arc pressure height adjustment system, the cutting height can be automatically increased with the thickness of the steel plate to ensure the cutting quality. The structure design is scientific and reasonable, effectively avoiding the collision phenomenon because the arc voltage height adjustment speed cannot coordinate the high cutting speed.

5) Standard enclosed environmental protection bottom tank and smoke dust treatment system adopts dual-fan exhaust design, one for air supply and one for air extraction, which ensures the working site is cleaner and effectively guarantees the health of staff.

6) Rotary shaft size is 10~50 cm, suitable for large-diameter machining. American Hyptherm 105A power is optional, Chengdu huayuan plasma power 63A/100A/120A/160A/200A for option. Plasma cutting thickness depends on the plasma power supply power. Cutting metal thickness is up to 30mm.

7) The overall structure is stable, the operating speed is up to 22m/min, and the cutting speed is up to 15000mm/min.

8) The bed adopts the seamless welding structure of the steel pipe, which has the characteristics of high strength, high precision, and not easily deformed.

Rotary Cutter Applicable range
Round tube / square tube cutting, various ventilation pipe elbow cutting processing, a variety of sheet metal products cutting (such as stainless steel kitchen utensils, cooking utensils), widely used in various industries of metal sheet metal cutting. With dedicated duct selection and programming software, it is easy to cut the air duct.

Plasma Cutter Detail technical parameter
The actual trip: 1500mm × 3000mm
Plasma power supply: American Hypertherm 105A
Rail way: square rail
Countertop: knife
Working voltage: 80V / 50Hz
Effective cutting speed: 8-10m / min
Height adjustment device: automatically arc voltage regulator
Rotary shaft diameter: 100 ~ 500mm
Operating mode: Stepper motor
transfer method: High-precision rack drive
Machine maximum operating speed: 15000mm / min
Cutting accuracy: ± 1 ‰
Repeatability: ± 0.01mm
Cutting torch lift the maximum distance: 120mm
Driver: Stepper divers M 860
Control System: Beijing StarT Control
Cutting thickness: 20mm
File transfer method: USB interface
Way of working: Non-contact arc
cooling method: Water-cooled

Rotary Plasma Cutter Detail parts

Cutting samples

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