plasma arc cutting machine

plasma arc cutting machine

The plasma arc cutting mainly for cutting various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, etc. They have the advantages of high cutting speed, narrow incision, saving materials, and low production cost.

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Product Details

Economic type plasma arc cutting machine with high quality on hot sale

plasma arc cutting machine


Working area: 1300mm*2500mm

Power supply: LGK 63A

Control system: Bejing starfire control system

Motor and drivers: Domestic stepper motor and drivers

THC Control system: Torch height control system

Software: Fastcam software

Transmission: X,Y Helical rack -pinion

Max. cutting speed: 16000mm/min

Power cutting ability: 0.5-30mm

Repeatability: 0.005mm

Working voltage: 380V/60HZ/50HZ

Prevent dust system: Dust proof system

Oil system: Auto oil injection system

Air compressor: We added for you

Application industry

Plasma arc cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structures, etc.


# The beam is made of aluminum alloy to create a light weight. The inertia during start-up is very small. The stop is more flexible and makes the walking more precise and ensures the quality of the cut.

# The X.Y axis adopts the most precise rack and pinion drive in China, and the horizontal backlash can be set to ensure the accuracy of travel.

# Machine has adopted the highly acclaimed Starfire CNC system with powerful functions, easy operation, easy training for operators, and high penetration rate. From then on, it is no longer annoying to buy equipment that no one can operate.

# The machine's own damage compensation function does not need to calculate the edge while drawing, and it automatically realizes the damage compensation and improves the work efficiency.

# Has a unique break point with power-off treatment, the process can be processed along the trajectory, retreat.and flexibly deal with the arc-off or power-off situations encountered during the processing.

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