Plasma Cutter Hypertherm

Plasma Cutter Hypertherm

The plasma cutter hypertherm machine adopt import hypertherm supply power, with durable hypertherm cutting head. Mainly for cutting metal material, such as carbon steel, stainless steel ,iron, copper,aluminum and so on.

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Product Details

Import plasma cutter hypertherm with high quality but low price

Plasma Cutter Hypertherm

Configurations of wood router

Working area: 1500mm*3000mm

Power supply: Hypertherm 105 A

Control system: Bejing starfire control system

Motor and drivers: Domestic stepper motor and drivers

THC Control system: Torch height control system

Software: Fastcam software

Transmission: X,Y Helical rack -pinion

Max. cutting speed: 16000mm/min

Power cutting ability: 0.5-30mm

Repeatability: 0.005mm

Working voltage:  380V/60HZ/50HZ

Prevent dust system: Dust proof system

Oil system:  Auto oil injection system

Air compressor:  We added for you

Application area

Application for sheet metal processing, advertising signs, mechanical and electrical products shell processing, process decoration, iron gardens, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electrical accessories, chassis cabinets, parts cutting, thick plate special-shaped cutting and other processing and riveting industry.


Plasma cutter hypertherm is a set of equipped computer control, precision mechanical transmission, thermal cutting in one efficient, high precision, high reliability cutting equipment. A good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple. It can quickly and accurately cut out a variety of shapes of complex plates. It is especially suitable for automated blanking of medium and thin non-ferrous metal plates, stainless steel and carbon steel plates.

The vertical and horizontal guide rails adopt imported guide rails with high precision and good guidance. Longitudinal rail surfaces are ground and have high mechanical precision and wear resistance. Drive rack, gear custom made by professional manufacturers.

Optional dust treatment device to create a good working environment.

A variety of plasma power sources are available to meet different metal cutting requirements.

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