CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

High precision USP2030 Rotary plasma pipe cutting with strong heavy duty structure Specification of Rotary plasma pipe cutting Name/Parameters (Rotary plasma cutter ) The actual trip: 2000mm × 3000mm Plasma power supply: American Hypertherm 105A Rail way: Square rail Countertop: knife Working...

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High precision USP2030 CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines with strong heavy duty structure


The CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting metal plates and tubes. The main body of the machine adopts gantry type structure. The whole machine is easy to install, stable in operation, simple in operation, high in automation, high in cutting accuracy, fast in speed, and effective in performance. The frame adopts all-welded structure, strong and reasonable, easy to operate and durable. It is suitable for cutting metal plates, copper plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, galvanized plates, titanium plates and other metal plates.

Name/Parameters (Rotary plasma cutter )
The actual trip: 2000mm × 3000mm
Plasma power supply: American Hypertherm 105A
Rail way: Square rail
Countertop: knife
Working voltage: 380V / 50Hz
Effective cutting speed: 8-10m / min
Height adjustment device: automatically arc voltage regulator
Rotary shaft diameter: 100 ~ 500mm
Operating mode: Stepper motor
transfer method: High-precision rack drive
Machine maximum operating speed: 15000mm / min
Cutting accuracy: ± 1 ‰
Repeatability: ± 0.01mm
Cutting torch lift the maximum distance: 120mm
Driver: Stepper divers M 860
Control System: Beijing StarT Control
Cutting thickness: 20mm
File transfer method: USB interface
Way of working: Non-contact arc
cooling method: Water-cooled

Detail parts

Cutting samples

1> The machine warranty one year, usually other company is 1 years
2> About machine spare parts, we will send two sets consumable parts
with machine together for your spare use
3> a. In the warranty period, if it break down or some parts damage Factors and factors force majeure, the seller should be responsible for repair for free. The parts need to be replaced will be provide from the seller for free wear-quick part)
b> after the warranty period expired, the buyer only need to pay the actual maintenance cost
c> Unistar laser will make return visit of customers at regular time one year. If customer machine overtime the guarantee time, has require to let engineers. For second time service, we can make visa, and for second time service, please the fees should be taken by buyer, like visa fees, come and round tickets, training fees.
4> We offer engineers go abroad installation and training.

The training subject as below
a> Usually Engineer at customer factory training with 7 days,
If you need delay the training time, the training fees is 50$/per day
b> How to connect machine, control box and water chiller;
c> how to maintain machine at daily time; how to operate machine;
d> if happen urgently things, how to dealt with;
e> When cutting different thickness material, how to set the parameter

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